About Us

Who We Are

Established in July 2013, the Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center (ENAC) is an independent resource, training, and education center supporting the peace process and development of democratic institutions in Burma


Our Mission

To help achieve sustainable peace and develop democratic institutions in Burma by engaging with political stakeholders, civil society, and the international community.


Our Activities


Conducting research and writing policy documents about the issues related to the peace process in Burma, for example, issues of federalism and humanitarian aid policy.


Education and Training

Conducting workshops, seminars and trainings with political stakeholders, civil society, and international community about peace process issues.


Cooperating and Collaborating

Cooperating and collaborating with stakeholders and civil society groups focused on the peace process.



Conducting briefings and outreach to the local and the international communities through live presentations, through our website and other social media, and through local print, radio and television media.