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Natural Resources of Myanmar (Burma) _Burmese Version


Natural Resources of Myanmar (Burma)

Ownership, Management, Revenue Sharing and Impacts

In the peace process of Myanmar, politics and security issues are critical aspects that need to be discussed. It is also very important to discuss about natural resource management issues within the peace process dialogue. Due to the armed conflicts in the ethnic minorities’ areas and political instability, natural resource extraction is not managed systematically. If the topic of natural resource is included in the discussion at the National Peace Conference, it would be very helpful for the nationwide development of Myanmar and ethnic minorities’ areas. It is also crucial to obtain an agreement for natural resource ownership, sharing and financial management and the resolutions for socio-environmental impacts resulting from natural resource extraction. Once an agreement has been reached; these should be enacted in the Union (or) state constitution and implemented.

In this research paper, natural resource ownership, management, sharing and impacts were studied and findings are presented through research papers, reports and news about natural resource ownership and management of four nations across the globe: Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan and Canada. Management of oil, natural gas and jade extracted from Kachin and Rakhine were also observed by carrying out field trips………………

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